Apostle Emmanuel Vivian Duncan

God never designed us to pray. He designed us to worship because the first manifestation of God in the earth with man, was God the receiver of worship and God the connector to the worshiper. The first dimension of God meeting with man was in the greatest dimension of connectivity which is called worship. God always wanted us to become one with Him and this comes from worship.

Prayer is request oriented but worship is God oriented. Prayer warriors are mentally disturbed because they are not in a relationship with God. It is a union that we have with God. It is not the sound. It is the heart. The greatest revelation of worship was not given to David. It was given to the woman at the well which everyone regarded as a prostitute. The Jews practiced polygamy where a man is married to more than one woman and the Samaritans practiced polyandry which means one woman can have many husbands.

Every time we come into the presence of God, we must connect with Him in the spirit and not in the flesh. True worship will not end when the worshipers sit down. It will drive you to your work place and supermarkets and let people know that God is your Saviour. If you are a worshipper, you own God and whatever you own, you promote. If you don’t own the church or the office you work in, you will not give your best. True worship will bring conception in the spirit and get you pregnant with the purpose of God. Worship is about becoming one with God. Whatever is in God is transferred to you. True worship is about bowing and submission and is built on obedience. If you are praying and not obeying, you need to stop praying and start obeying.

You cannot get a download from God unless you have a connection with Him. When God turns up, He mesmerizes you and you don’t need a worship leader because the worship lives inside of you. If you don’t engineer your mind into a mind of a worshipper, you will find yourself in situations that do not make you automatically lift your hands in worship.

God wants to become one with you and once you become one with God, you are pregnant with God’s purposes. Once your womb is fertile, pregnancy takes place. Man is the only one of God’s creatures that communicates through a language because your language is a tool that shapes your world. Words carry spirits so therefore spirits can control you. You cannot let other people shape your world with their language because you would be out of sync with God, once you know God.

O God, You are my God; early will I seek You; my soul thirsts for You; my flesh longs for You in a dry and thirsty land where there is no water. So I have looked for You in the sanctuary, to see Your power and Your glory. Psalm 63:1-2 (NKJV)

“O” is an expression of emotions which is featured in Psalms 63. We need to have emotions when we are serving God because God has to excite us. Whatever you own, you have to cherish. If you say you own God, you have to cherish Him. You can’t claim a thing if you have not paid a price for it. You might be praying for hours but not doing the things that are right in God’s sight. You then cannot expect God to answer your prayer. When you are praying, you need to first worship God. When we come to the house of God, the anointing is not God’s. He is waiting for us to take it. The more you pay the price for God, the more of Him is revealed. You cannot have kingdom without glory.

Early is the pre-cautionary command because timing is everything. Early is the command God gives you. To be certified and to know God, expect to be tested because no examination comes without certification. If you are a worshiper, you are a worshiper no matter where you are. You will give God the praise all the time. Worship comes from the heart, it does not matter how fast or slow a song is you can worship God with both of them.

Situations start wild in your life and get worse and if you don’t know how to seek God early, you will put yourself in a depressed state. Once you decide to become a true worshiper, you get troubles because there is no testimony without test. The devil hates worshipers. When you operate with excellence and diligence even with your job, it shows a sign of a true worshiper. When you are in the wilderness, you have to be a worshiper because a worshiper is a worshiper no matter what the situation is. Being a worshiper does not mean that the devil will not attack you.

Your language of worship shapes your heart. If your heart is suffering from rejection, your worship will be contaminated with rejection if you don’t ask for forgiveness. God will take you just as you are but He will not leave you just as you are if you are serving Him. God will shape you into what He wants you to be once you say that you own Him. You will only know that God is all you need, when He is all you have.

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