One of our fundamental assignments here at New Dimensions Ministries, is to raise up believers who can accurately hear the voice of God, first for themselves, and secondly, for others. We believe the Word of God makes it clear that we all have this privilege, as John 10:27 confirms that God’s sheep hear His voice. However, we also understand that the process of hearing from God and speaking for Him requires faith to demonstrate (Romans 12:6), and we all are at different levels in this regard. However, this doesn’t mean we cannot grow.

Like a muscle, such faith is only enlarged through the right exercising of it, and as it used rightly, it becomes more potent and effective. Hebrews 5:14 states that strong meat belongs to those who are mature, who by reason of use exercise their senses to discern both good and evil. This exercising of our spiritual senses is what we call the process of activation, and in our prophetic school here at New Dimensions Ministries, we challenge our partners to not only be hearers of the Word but doers also. Thus along with sound, scriptural teaching that validates the relevance for prophetic ministry in the church, we also provide a practical environment for the demonstration of God’s power through activating the saints. We equip those who attend to become effective prophetic ministers, and over the years we have seen a prophetic company raised up whose ministry has been accurate, anointed and specific. Our prophetic teams have traveled to many churches both locally and regionally to carry out equipping seminars, and we have seen much fruit as people are impacted by God’s Presence through personal prophecy.


As God has given us the privilege of developing this strong arm in our ministry, we want to extend it to you. Our purpose for doing so, is that both citizens and non-citizens of the Kingdom, who may or may not have legitimate access to this type of ministry within their present locality, can have access to this aspect of ministry without any distortion, financial requirement or obligation.

If you wish to go ahead and sign up, please enter your details in our submission form to the right, and click submit. We are looking forward to serving you!

Please note that we are currently only ministering to 15 people per month, as we have other aspects of prophetic ministry to attend to locally. Our limit refreshes the 1st of each month, so sign up quickly. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay for my prophetic word?

No. We do not charge for receiving prophetic ministry. However, this free offer does not negate the biblical principle and pattern of honor, nor the proper protocol and practice outlined in Scripture for approaching and requesting ministry from prophets. Abuse by greedy or carnally motivated individuals who call themselves “prophets”, and seek to peddle their trade and prostitute their gift for personal profit and enrichment is no reason to disregard or fail to adhere to God’s prescribed pattern which is able to unlock the full power and potential of the prophetic decree. However, we should understand that God designed that this principle be practiced within the context of faith and individual responsibility, not a legalistic requirement or obligation. In other words, we as a prophetic company have no right to demand such honor, just as you, being the recipient of prophetic ministry, have no right to deny or refuse it. Whether you choose to give or not give is a matter between you and God and will in no way determine whether or not you actually receive prophetic ministry.

What format is used in sending my prophetic word to me?

Your prophetic word will be sent to you via the email address you submitted, and the file attached is an mp3 audio file.

What do I do after I have received my prophetic word?

Please download and refer to our Guidelines form by going to the sidebar and downloading the PDF file.

Can I submit feedback concerning the ministry I received?

Yes, one of our requirements is that you download and fill out the feedback form. When you have finished edit the file, save it, and upload it by using our upload feature to the right of the screen in the sidebar on this page. You can also email the feedback to us at propheticministry@ndmonline.org, if the upload doesn’t work for you.

How often can I receive prophetic ministry?

Once you have received prophetic ministry from us, we ask that you wait up to six (6) months before you come and receive again. We are in no way here to rob Jesus of His Bride! Like John the Baptist, we are friends of the Bridegroom, and our responsibility is to usher you closer to Him, not to us. We will never function in such a way as to replace your responsibility to commune with the Lord privately, seeking Him for yourself.