Allow me to paint a picture…

Imagine, a young lady, educated, stylish, happy…looking. She walks tall, struts even, always busy…pleasant looking.
Imagine now, a young lady, chains on her arms and legs, puppet strings attached to all parts of her body, chain ball heavy around her neck. She’s sullen, suitcases around her eyes and with an air of “I’d rather just die”.

Could they be the same person? Well, in this “story” they are.
How many times have we heard that what we see is not always what is. Or, have we heard that an act in the physical could be a manifestation of something deeper, spiritually. And with that knowledge, how many times have we overlooked key behaviours that may lead us to the conclusion that we are talking to a slave of sin. Behaviours that could only lead to the conclusion that someone is shouting quietly from the inside of a cell… How many times was it easier to say “Wa, I can’t on-stand she…I don’t know why she does get on so!” Rather than taking a moment to examine our hearts and examine others, asking God what the real problem is. Asking for wisdom and the right words to say.

I have another hard question to ask…what if God had taken to same stance with us, in response to our previous attitudes and behaviours? Would we be here today? Or would we ALL be stuck in our box prisons with chains around our necks reaching for the self-destruct button.

It brings my heart to tears that we have become so comfortable in our salvation that we forget that we volunteered our lives to reach the lost…the ones who know they’re trapped and even worse, the ones who don’t. The difficult cases. The not-easy ones

2 Corinthians talks about those living in sin, how they have been blinded and the only way they will see is by believing in Christ. Romans 6:20 and John 8:34 talk about being a slave to sin and it’s desires and from what I hear, slavery isn’t pretty and neither does it leave much room for choice. Let me also slip this one in…our mandate to go out into the world and preach the gospel of Love. Maybe you’re thinking. “I’ve heard this before.” Then that’s an even worse place to be in, if you’ve never put it into practice. I urge you…please.

Why judge? Why talk about them in secret? Why spit in their faces when we are their hope of finding true Love? The Love that casts out all fear…the very fear that keeps them trapped and enslaved.

I pray we break out of our top floor penthouse balcony and run to the streets below, and allow God to use us to break the boxes and chains. Get your hands dirty. Save the world. Be the Robin to the original Batman. Save Gotham…ok I got carried away. But you know what I mean. An entire world is waiting for you. For the words that will come from heaven through your mouth. For the heart that will allow compassion to be its driving force rather than mashing the brakes of judgement. And one more thing…you may not have to look hard or long for that trapped person. They could be sitting right next to you in the pew.

Last point, promise. Keep in mind, the devil takes advantage of bad situations to make them worse. He provokes people trapped in sin, people who are a slave to him and uses that to cause offence and push away the very people who have the power to help the trapped person be free. To push away those people that know the truth and have a mandate to act on it.
Don’t be deceived. Run over and through offence (pun intended) and help set the captives free.


Liana Hallett (Miss)

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