Apostle Emmanuel Vivian Duncan

If I am not an agent of change, I will become the victim of the change. It is important for us to change our mindsets and thinking. Our thinking affects our attitude and actions. In order for us to live in the power of the Spirit, our minds must in alignment with God and His word. We must let God control our minds. Whoever controls our minds, leads us.  Who controls our minds, dictates our purpose. We have to guard our minds and our hearts.

There are some of us who come to church but still carry the stink of sin. They speak in tongues but still carry a dead weight upon them. Apostle Paul felt that he was carrying a dead weight of sin but after revelation, he thanked Jesus Christ (Romans 7). Paul was totally submitted to God. He referred to himself as a slave and servant of Jesus Christ.

Am I ready for the new season? In this new season, we have to be slaves and servants of Jesus. A servant does not ask ‘why’ but ‘what’. In our prayers, we tell God what to do but God is not our servant. We are God’s servants. We therefore must follow His command. We must obey Him. Answers to prayer come by way of instruction. Therefore, we need to obey in order to see the manifestation. My times are in God’s hands (Psalm 31:15). Our lives are in His hands and we do not need to worry. Stop fussing. We may think that we have been forgotten but God knows what He is doing. There is a particular time and season for it. We get frustrated because it seems like it is taking too long.

Time is divided into two categories. These are chronos (the process of time, 1 Peter 1:1) and kairos (opportune, set time, this moment). From the womb to the tomb, there are times and seasons. Between the womb and the tomb, our minds must be transformed. In the kairos moment, we have to be prepared. If we are not ready, we can miss our opportune time. We must be positioned well, not only geographically or physically but within our minds. We have to be positioned within the spirit. We need to get on that frequency.

Change comes out of confrontation. There is a you within you that you need to confront. There are some mindsets that you need to confront. Within a new season, there will be change. It is inevitable. We must forget the things that have happened in the past. We must be alert and present. God is doing a new thing (Isaiah 43:18-19). This new thing is bursting forth.

But how do we prepare for this new thing so that it does not pass us by? We must reconfigure our minds. Mindsets refer to the dominant or regular belief or practice of the mind. In the new season, you are positioned differently. You go higher. You become like the eagle. You begin to see and hear things you have never heard before.

Our Mindsets must be transformed in the following areas:

– People

In the new season, you will encounter people and you need to know how to deal with them. God will bring people to help us but we need to be aware. If we are not aware, we can push them away. However, some people may get jealous because of our progression but we have to remain focussed. We have to learn to forgive people.

– Key

Key always represents opportunity. Are you ready for the opportunity that will come? You have to prepare yourself and put measures in place.

– Industry/Productivity

What have you produced since you have been in the earth? Are you a procrastinator or a producer?

– Vision

Do you have a vision for your life? When we focus on God, He will give us a vision. He will direct us (Psalm 32:8). What is locked into the vision that you have for your children? It is locked into the words that we speak to them.

– Relationships

What kind of relationships do you have? If you are in a new season, you have to be careful who you spend time with.

– Rhythm

From the womb to the tomb, it is built upon rhythm. Life is a circle. What goes around comes around. Whatever you reap, you will sow. Sometimes under the pressure of the Christian Life, you have to get cracked as clay in the potter’s hand. Even if trials may come, even if you backslide, stay on the potter’s wheel. The potter smashes the clay onto the wheel. There will be times when God smashes us on the wheel. If we are broken, we need to stay on the wheel instead of running.

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