Restoring the Foundations (RTF) ministry is one of the most valuable tools in our ministry. Having been trained by the founders at Christian International, Chester and Betsy Kylstra, we have made this ministry available to saints all over the Caribbean region, and the world at large. Restoring the Foundations is deals with four specific areas.

These four areas are:

  1. Sins of the Fathers and Resulting Curses
  2. Soul Hurts
  3. Ungodly Beliefs
  4. Demonic Oppression


Our counseling program highlights these areas in an integrated approach that is led by the Holy Spirit, and coupled with the prophetic insight given by God, we have seen much fruit in the lives of many believers. These sessions, depending on how severe the situation is, can last from 3 to 12 weeks as we cover the varying issues, whether topically or holistically.

Your interview session will often determines this. If you would like to set up an interview session with our trained counselors, please submit your information below and describe your circumstance. We will be glad to get back to you with an appointment date.

An interview is first conducted to understand your situation, and then an approximate time will be given for the duration of the counseling period.

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