New Dimensions Ministries is one body composed of different parts. We are committed to transforming the world through delivering the message of Jesus Christ! Thus, w e are making a call to anyone w ho wishes to invest their God-given talent. Your unique gift w ill be of no use if you bury it; rather, growth occurs w hen you choose to share and invest it through your service in fertile ground: our church. We have a broad array of ministries in which you can sow your talent-seed. Your gift is needed, welcomed, and appreciated. Make a vow today to become a devoted partner, raise the Kingdom, and put your talents into action!

Worship Team

Our team of band and singers believe in extravagant worship that sets the tone and atmosphere for the revelation of God’s glory, thus drawing God’s people unto Himself.

  • Hold purity as a hallmark
  • Pursue excellence in our gifts
  • Release the sound of heaven
  • Be worshippers and not performers

Dance Ministry

We bring to life songs through movement. Men, women, young and old are planting their seed in worship and reaping a harvest of joy. Would you be the next to join them!

  • Artistic development in your gifts
  • Learn to choreograph pieces
  • Develop your prophetic dance
  • Release deliverance through movement

Technical Sound Team

In order for faith to arise, the Word must be heard. If you have an ear for sound, join our team and discover how you can transform the atmosphere for the glory of God.

  • Develop fresh production techniques
  • Learn different aspects of sound
  • Workshops offered to develop your skill
  • No prerequisite knowledge required

Forerunners For Christ

Come be apart of dynamic, prophetic worship and engaging teaching. We cater to teens as well as to young adults. Join our community on Facebook now – Click Here

  • Discover your purpose in Christ
  • Learn how to be an effective witness
  • Have fun and build great friendships
  • Engage in deep, prophetic worship

Projection & Duplication

Because a picture is worth a thousand words, multimedia brings greater insight to what would otherwise be a static experience. If you are creative, this is your place.

  • Keep the congregation engaged
  • Learn duplication skills
  • Exercise your creativity and art
  • Experience dynamic workshops

Camera & Video Ministry

Ready…Action! Get behind the camera with us today and learn the art of being a digital scribe. We are taking the local church and releasing it to the nations digitally.

  • Learn the art of videography
  • Understand the dynamics of lighting
  • Get involved in Live Streaming
  • Work in post-production

Children’s Church

Come invest in the lives of this mighty upcoming generation. We believe our children are leaders today, and we teach them to demonstrate the Kingdom.

  • Release the heart of the Father
  • Develop children skills
  • Shepherd the next generation
  • Give love where there is no love

Drama Ministry

Our aim is to touch, transform and teach the mind and hearts of the people of the world of the healing power of Jesus Christ through the following dramatic forms:

  • Short skits and plays
  • Spoken Word
  • Mime

Nursery Department

We care for the toddlers in their own special play environment. Armed with direct access to the service through CCTV, you won’t even miss a beat. Come serve today!

  • Help impact lives from a tender age
  • Shape their budding attitudes
  • Speak life and pray over them
  • Watch out for the flying balls

Discipleship Ministry

Our role is to disciple those who have recently committed their heart to Jesus, that they may step into a place of maturity in their spiritual walk.

  • Learn to disciple a new believer
  • Discover the beauty of development
  • Harness your teaching skills
  • Pray, prophesy and impart

Women’s Ministry

Women of Virtue exist to empower women to be all that God has called them to be in His Kingdom. Mesh with others of like heart and discover your worth.

  • Join our corporate book study
  • Break off the chains of insecurity
  • Understand who you are as ‘woman’
  • Develop life long friendships

Prophetic Ministry

Have you ever wished to have an accurate ear to hear the Voice of God? If so, plug into our prophetic training modules, and see how God will use you.

  • Develop an ear to hear
  • Awaken your ‘Seer’ gifting
  • Learn the art of interpretation
  • Prophesy accurately with specifics

Hospitality & Helps Ministry

Often the first to arrive and the last to leave, we ensure that everything runs smoothly during service, and everyone is comfortable. If you have a heart to serve, contact us.

  • We prepare the atmosphere spiritually
  • Clean and Maintain the Sanctuary
  • We ensure everyone is comfortable
  • Ready to serve at all times in any way

Intercessory Ministry

We form the hedge that surrounds this ministry. It is therefore critical that we be of one mind and heart, as we pray for the success of the ministry and its vision.

  • Learn to pray accurately
  • Engage on the frontline
  • Gain assignments from leadership
  • Increase in your prayer life

Social Media Ministry

We exist to take the gospel to all parts of the earth by using some of the social media platforms available to us today, such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and many others.

  • Carry the Word to the ends of Earth
  • Share what God is doing in the ministry
  • Interact with and impact our society
  • Keep persons connected to the ministry

Graphic Design

The Graphic Design Team helps express the ethos, message and standards of New Dimensions Ministries through the creation of top quality, well-conceptualized imagery.

  • Clearly represents NDM’s values and standards
  • A ministry for servant-hearted creatives
  • Learn photoshop and illustrator skills
  • Increase your creativity and design language

Events & Planning

Our team ensures the execution of all plans set in motion by the ministry departments, or church as a whole. We are here to serve your vision and see it come to pass.

  • Learn effective time management
  • Work backstage ensuring excellence
  • Creatively problem solve
  • Network with businesses

Web Ministry

Our mission is to fill the earth with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord via the content which is created and produced right here at New Dimensions Ministries. Come join us.

  • Discover the ins and outs of our website
  • Share the gospel worldwide
  • Create revolutionizing content
  • Learn web development skills