Here at New Dimensions Ministries, we follow the biblical mandate of the church to take care of the needy and the poor (Prov 19:7, 1 John 3:17- 19, Prov 14:31, James 1:27, Psalm 82:3, Prov 21:13, Prov 28:27, Prov 22:9). Our office is open all week and we encourage all partners and friends of the ministry to consider picking up an extra food item for the needy when shopping, to bring to our food bank.

If you are overseas and you would like to contribute, please contact our office for shipping details. Barrels can be sent to our church from shipping ports in most nations of the earth. Please remember to purchase non-perishable items when considering your contribution. If shipping a food item is inconvenient for you, please consider sending funds directed to our food bank. If you prefer this option, please call our office and we will arrange the reception of your funds. Many thanks, and prepare for God’s blessing as you bless His people. Please note that 100% of all contributions goes toward the needy and the under privileged.